Friday, May 15, 2009

(Re)Building Happiness

I had been quite irritable and grumpy due to many reasons recently. The “bestest friend”, EmmVee even offered to send me a jumper similar to the one that she bought a couple of days ago - it has “Today is my grumpy day” written on it along with a surly Care Bear cartoon. Ah well, I might consider that during winters... except that I’ll probably change the text to “I’m pissed. Please get lost and feed yourself to a boa constrictor.” Much more dramatic and my-kind-of-grumpy, really.

Peter Pan, my co-pilot aka my guardian angel, on the other hand, gave a new perspective last night. After nursing his ears which must have shrivelled up, having been subjected to my whine overdose, he helped me get back on happiness and acceptance track and finally said, “Why don’t you kick everything out and spend time doing something which makes you happy? Not satisfied, not useful, not productive... just happy.” So, today, I went ahead and bought a Lego set. I think I had lost my last one in bits and pieces nearly twelve years ago. In the afternoon, I sat down with my new basic Lego and some cool Lego figurines to create a castle because that’s what I wanted.

This is how happy my Friday was:

No picture is complete without a story. Here’s the one for this:

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away, The Kingdom of Yellow, there lived a beautiful princess...

During a picnic in the forest, she meets a charming and handsome Knight of the neighbouring Kingdom of Blue and falls in love with him. However, the two kingdoms are against the match, particularly the Kingdom of Yellow because not only are Blue & Yellow like India & Pakistan, but also because the boy in question is a mere knight. That is also one of the reasons the Princess of Yellow loves him since the Knight of Yellow earned his title, unlike the lazy princes she knows who merely inherit everything.

All kinds of opposition doesn’t stop the Knight of Blue from wearing his yellow cape as a sign of true love, riding his horse across the heavily guarded border, and fighting 10,000 soldiers single-handedly just to be with his beloved Princess. Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya and all that, you know.

Meanwhile, the Princess rebels against her folks by wearing... blue, of course. During his journey through the forest to the castle, the Knight sees wildflowers that the Princess of Yellow adores and he risks his life to pick a bunch of them (also, his Mum always says that it’s not polite to go to somebody’s house empty-handed).

When he crosses the moat on his pure white horse, Chetak (inspiration for the name of another ruler’s horse later on, and eventually, even two-wheeled oddities), he can’t find his babe at the gate. The Princess, who is a big Bollywood fan has locked herself up in the attic because there is no Evil Stepmom to cause such drama. She finally throws open the attic window and calls to her knight.

Since the Knight can’t reach so high on Chetak, he takes the flowers and ties them to his lance. Then, he lifts up the flowers and the Princess of Yellow reaches out to touch them...

Now, I’ve four different endings in mind. It might keep changing depending on my mood which ranges from stupidly happy to cynically grumpy.

1.) She refuses to take the flowers because staying alone in the attic in her melodrama mode over the last few days has made her realise that it was just an infatuation. She has also been watching the new age Bollywood movies and has finally realised that the only man worth falling in love with is Abhay Deol.

2.) After locking herself up in the attic, she had also decided that she might as well refuse meals as this would make her love story even more filmy. So, since she hasn’t eaten for days and she is practically starved, she grabs the flowers and eats them. The Knight laughs, and helps her climb down. They then gallop away into the glorious sunset and rest for the night under the nearest tree waiting for its apples to fall. Meanwhile, a certain English gentleman who’s kipping on the other side of the tree overhears the Princess asking the Knight, “Why did the apple fall, darling?” and the gentleman asks himself, “Why indeed?” The quest for this answer wastes his entire life, and eventually, the lives of generations of high school students.

3.) The King of Yellow sees his daughter lean out of the attic window to take the flowers and is suddenly transported to a time many, many years ago when he had breached another castle to rescue his own princess. The very next day, he gets the Princess and the Knight married in the Yellow Church.

4.) She wrinkles her nose and says, “I wanted only royal purple flowers.”
He says, “But they are purple!”
“No, only one is royal purple, the second is mauve, and the third is violet!”
“But they’re all purple anyway! It’s the same colour.”
“Of course it isn’t! I don’t want the mauve and the violet ones. I only want royal purple.”
“Look, just take the damn flowers for the moment. When we get out of here, I promise I’ll get you a million royal purple flowers, okay?”
Despite his impatient words, she hears the patience in his tone, smiles and says, “I want a billion.”
He laughs, “Alright, a billion then. Now come quickly. This stupid lance is so heavy. Let’s just get out of here.”
And they do.

It really doesn’t matter which ending I pick. The important thing for me is that I am never going to Lego of the happiness seeking fool that lives inside me.

I hope you live happily ever after.


V said...

If he had a Bajaj Chetak in lieu of just Chetak, the ending would have been much simpler, with a Just-Married tag on the spare tire.

» sahil said...

Haha, nice story! Quite ... inventive! :D Endings 2 and 4 are the best I think.

Gradwolf said...

tu kabhi nahin sudhregi.. kabhi nahin...sigh!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..and young drenched is back!! good to see you child.

Anonymous said...

Had no idea you had started blogging again! :)

I love this story.. sooo typically you! And I love all the endings, specifically the first one, considering the crush I am nursing, but I love the last one too! :)

Preeti said...

Thanks! I was lookin out for a new hobby and now lego it is ;)

Anonymous said...

I've got to give it to Peter Pan for saying something like - “Why don’t you kick everything out and spend time doing something which makes you happy? Not satisfied, not useful, not productive... just happy.”

We've complicated our lives so much that we've forgotten happiness. Everything we do is for some reason. Something productive. When was the last time I laughed like crazy for no reason what so ever? I can't even was probably about 4 or 5 years ago. I've laughed since then but the carelessness is gone. Maybe I should do something that makes me happy. And now I'll need to find out something that makes me happy. What a life, hmph.

I love the story lol, very dramatic etc. I like the ending with the apple the best because I almost ended up being one of those who would have wasted around 4 years wondering why the Apple fell. Thankfully I learned and decided I should waste 3 years in learning how Apple Computers work instead. :P

Never mind the lame comment, I've been in a weird mood lately. Get one of those jumpers for me too if you end up buying one for yourself. Good to see you blogging again. Cheers!

kusublakki said...

Loved every word of the story. ROFL @ the color classifications of the flowers, and @ "only man worth falling in love with is Abhay Deol."

Ann Dee said...

Hi "Drenched"....said with 'Hi' that sure sounds a lill odd...but nevermind..I've decided to blogroll you and keep coming back for more..

P.S. Loved the royal purple specification :)
That would make such a funny movie..

Drenched said...

V: The word is 'tyre'. God! You're such a shame to all the Spelling Bee winning desis in Amreeka. Chi chi.

Sahil: Haha, thankee. I'm currently in the Ending 2 mood too. :P

Adi Padi: Shut up and be nice! You're always so mean to a poor innocent girl like me. *weeps into hanky* :'(

Cynic: Thengyu. And I'm turning 21. (Hence, NOT a child. :P)

Cuckoo: Hahahahaha! Tere crush nahin khatam hote na? I'll go and tell tales to S. *gives dhamki*

Preeti: And a wonderful hobby it is! I can ditch the whole world for a Lego afternoon.

Ishmeet: "We've complicated our lives so much that we've forgotten happiness."
You know, you've grown so serious in the past one year that it's kind of alarming. :P
And music makes you happy, doesn't it? Also, writing. Do that more often and maybe it'll help.
As for ditching apples for Apple, very good. I love people like me who turned their back on the first more common and more boring option. :D

Kusublakki: Thankee. :P
And of course the only man worth falling in love with is darling Abhay Deol. I mean, just LOOK at him! Hot, cute, VERY talented, intelligent, and did I mention cute? What else do you want? :P

Ann Dee: LOL! But that royal purple issue is quite typical I think. My guy friends can't tell the difference b/w magenta and baby pink or mauve and lavender, for instance. :P

Ann Dee said...

While reading that colour bit I realized mauve, royal purple, lavender, lilac....I have this one word - purplish ('ish' is my magic escape word)

Not very typical of women, is it? :-0

Cynic in Wonderland said...

21 is but a baby. also post.

S said...

Amen. Let us all make our dreamy lego castles and live happily ever after. :D

Anonymous said...

U forgot to respond to my comment, Kid! :P
(Delete this after reading this)

Drenched said...

Ann Dee: :O No! Not at all. You're an anomaly then. And a black(ish) spot on all colour differentiating womenhood. Pfft.

Cynic: NOT a baby! I'll even attain the legal age to buy porn tomorrow. Not that it matters, of course. :P

S: Yes, Amen to that! :D

Cuckoo: Hain? What did I forget to respond to? Your love for Lego? The typically-me-story comment? Your crush list? WHAT? :P

Anonymous said...

I love it. Now i want lego too.. then again , i am not that creative and might just built yet another skyscrapper like the ones that surrounds me.