Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ctrl + Z

So much has happened in the last two or three weeks, that I haven’t really been able to sit back and think about anything. At the end of nearly every single day, I have whined and wailed to my Hobbes about the uselessness of metaphorical rocketship underpants. I haven’t been able to read. I haven’t been able to write. I haven’t been able to detach myself from the regular goings-on of my life, and present a Philip Larkin-ish view of them - something I was quite good at not very long ago. In fact, I’m not sure I like being detached anymore. I feel like I’m one with my life again... like I’m starting from scratch.

A long and meaningful midnight conversation tonight helped me come to terms with several minor crises in my life - the existence of which I had otherwise been trying to deny. Being optimistic is good, being optimistic is helpful... but I’m not sure I can get by with only optimism. I need to get a grip on myself, and I need to lie back, take a deep breath, and relax. And while I’m at it, I need to go over everything in my head - over and over again, until I'm quite bored.

And... it’s amazing how one random line sums up a lot of feelings sometimes. Two nights ago, I finally had a conversation I really needed to have with someone, albeit online... and while I was sitting there, trying to understand and get some sort of closure, a friend pinged me on GTalk with her views on something else - “Hmmm, yeah... let it be. Shit happens”. Indeed. I need to give her a tight hug the next time I see her.

Meanwhile, I need to make my New Year’s Resolutions list. I had initially decided not to bother but then thought of doing it anyway. After all, if there are no resolutions, what else will I break throughout the year?

Also, I think what I need is a Jeeves kind of pick-me-up. Recommend me an outrageously funny Wodehouse... the make-me-run-around-the-place-laughing-my-head-off style funny.


Gradwolf said...

Putting things into perspective, are we? And hey, don't talk such serious stuff, doesn't suit you. Keep whining.

Read "Hot Water"

Nandini said...

Right Ho, Jeeves

or my all-time favorite, Thank You, Jeeves

I can reread these endlessly.

narendra shenoy said...

There's this anthology of Wodehouse, compiled by Stephen Fry (who is an amazingly funny guy in his own right) called "What Ho!"
which has all the really funny ones, including Gussie Finknottle's speech to the Market Snodsbury school kids.

And "shit happens" would be a great punch line for a laxative commercial.

Welcome back!

Coconut Chutney said...

Let it be, you should listen to the beatles version :D

Bharat Iyer said...

I've yet to encounter a Wodehouse that is consistently outrageously funny. The wit mainly comes from his understated and satirical style of writing. It's awesome but I wouldn't call Wodehouse's prose outrageously funny, it's not obvious enough for that in most cases. [end pseudo-literary rant]

I have a tendency to devour Wodehouse without bothering with such trivialities as titles. I'd suggest something by Tom Holt. 'Who's Afraid of Beowulf' perhaps. Oh and ever considered music to lift the blues?

--xh-- said...

try What Ho! - itz a collection of the best... but hey, pick up any of the Jeevs - they will make you laugh...

Neon said...

I second Mr.Shenoy and xh. What Ho is a really funny collection

Cynic in Wonderland said...

and the child is BACK!! yayyyy. Happy New year.

read mike and psmith!

Drenched said...

Adi Padi: KEEP WHINING? x-( Oh great! This is exactly what I need. People who want me to be a whine machine. Hmph.

Nandini: Thankee. Hunted those two down. Will settle down to reading one tonight.

NS: I remember Gussie's speech! It kept creeping into my mind for one whole week after I had read it and I kept bursting into random laughter. My parents thought I had finally lost it.
And "shit happens" would be a great punch line for a laxative commercial.
ROFL! How do you come up with such stuff? :D

Chutney: All time favourite. :-) I love the piano score.

Bharat: Wodehouse turns out to be outrageously funny for me because those satirical lines keep coming back to my mind and I find myself grinning or laughing at them at random moments. That's something that no other author has been able to do for me.
Tom Holt? You're the fourth person to recommend him. This demands to be tried now.
And music? Trying and trying. It has somehow stopped working for me. :/

--XH-- and Neon: Got 'What Ho!' too. Thankee. I'm on a Wodehouse trip now.

Cynic: Did you just call me a *child*? :'( *stamps foot on the ground and wails*
Happy New Year to you too! :-)

Venting Macha said...

Try Saki, in case you haven't already. Outrageously funny. And there is this online comic, that you absolutely must must check out-

Lemme know how it goes ;)

Anonymous said...

Now that I know who you are :P
Let me tell you how I don't understand what you write at all :P
Okay this is too random, but really :P

Aarushi said...

hey, you're back :)
welcome back

dharmabum said...

long time, and i see some soul stirring happening here. all for the good, they say, new years, new thinking.

may you get hold of that line of thought that you so intently seem to be looking for.

though i have read a lot of wodehouse during college days, i wouldn't categorize them as 'outrageously funny' in the sense they always come across as the stiff upper lipped typical brit humour.

how have you been?

Bharat Iyer said...

Whatever works for you. :P

Yeah, you should try Tom Holt. His work can be called humourous sci-fi-fantasy.

Sheesh, that is a real pity. Music is my most potent form of therapy.

SK said...

Ya, such serious stuff doesnt suit you at all!!
Take life easy, enjoy the present! :--)) Miss your posts. :--D

Gomes said...

Uncle Dynamite and Damsel in Distress

Cannot fail you. I swear.