Monday, December 15, 2008


... to today that feels like September.
... to the inconsistent girl who wants change.
... to Adi-Padi, the not-so-big and not-so-bad Wolf for all the nagging and this morning’s inadvertant push.
... to the crap song that I seem to like.
... to the new lifestyle-denoting acronym which isn’t one anymore.
... to the rediscovered Disney colouring book and Crayola.
... to the starred email in my inbox, typed out with a “wonky” keyboard.
... to the “bestest” friend who should be on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs right now.
... to the shutterbug who owes me a brew for this.
... to the “full-time friend”, my telepathic co-pilot with the Midnight Phone Call syndrome.
... to 3 o’ clock nights.

I offer no explanation, but I am very kicked.
I’ve wanted to start afresh for a very long time.


--xh-- said...

first thing first - after a loong time.. happy to see ur post.. now lemme go read and comment on the post... :)

--xh-- said...

a toast to you and the life... and to the decision to start fresh...

Gradwolf said...

oye putthar!! welcome backuuuuuu!

narendra shenoy said...

Welcome back. Very happy to see you in fine form ("gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs")


SK said...

Where ever did you disappear?! I want full explanation for your absence :--P
Missed your posts..

Preeti said...

Drenched is back! Oops...'N' is back! ;)

Yaay! Yipee!

The blogworld is gonna become FUN again!

Missed u, u know that?

Maddie said...

missed your posts, welcome back!

Drenched said...

--XH--: Thanks! :-)

Wolfie: Thankoo, thankoo. I couldn't bear to sit and fritter life away. :p

NS: Thengyu. I've heard that kissing on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs guarantees eternal bliss.

SK: I was gobbled up certain things... but I fought my way out. ;)

Preeti: Hehehe, glad to hear that someone misses me. I am always surprised when anybody tells me that. :p I missed blogistan too.

Maddie: Thanks. :)

Coconut Chutney said...

This calls for a celebration. Give me a sec, I'll go call Jabbers teh clown and then we can all dance to southpark songs :D

wild iris said...

Drencheddd (>>sounds very weird :|) I missed woo :) Where've you been, eh? No more surprise disapparating, ok?

ishmeet said...

Welcome back you! Missed you and your posts big time. Great to see you back and blogging.

Btw, its a little too cold for September right now. Brr. :/

Ram said...

Oh hell! Which idiot left the door unlocked and let the fools (drenched) in again?

Preeti said...

See, im not the only one...even Ok aka Ram (apart from others) missed u! ;)

WT said... 3'0 clock nights.cheers! ;)

and happy homecoming. :D

Rohit Talwar said...

I do! Make it two. And lots of interesting titles we need to talk about. Figure a way out to settle all of this.
I'm kicked about your blog myself. I've been smiling like an idiot since I saw your update in my Reader.

Guess what, I am actually missing the 3 am cuppa and the GT sessions. And your writing. Continue, continue!

Drenched said...

Chutney: LOL! Yeah, get Jabbers! What a celebration that'll be. :D

Wild Iris: Hehe, thankee. :-) No, no more disapparating. The Ministry of Magic took my disapparation license away. :p

Ishmeet: Thengyu! :-) And it's a little less cold for December right now. :p

Ram: Oh no, there he comes again! I'm telling you, if you insult me once more, I'll burst into loud sobs! :(

Preeti: Hahahaha, yes, Ram missed me because all idiots miss having intelligent people around. ;)

WT: Thankee! :D

Rohit: Thanks... I will. :)
And Costa deal is on! I'll binge on coffee now. :p

state of mind? said...

very wonderfully put...effortlessly!!